Our Facilities

Tech-enabled Classrooms

All higher secondary classrooms have been equipped with computers and LCD projectors as a first step towards techno revolution in education. The facility will soon be extended to other classes.

The School Library

We have a good school library with more than 10000 books and more 15 periodicals. The Reference Section has a variety of standard encyclopedias , dictionaries and reference books. The library is fully computerized with bar code enabled. There is a qualified librarian and two assistants as library staff, who was always ready to render any help to the users of the library. The library has a Photocopier. The students can take copies of any relevant article from the reference section of the library.

School Information Centre

An Information Centre functions in the campus. The parents and the general public can contact the Centre for enquiries/clarifications. The Information Centre will be open in all days except non public holidays and second Saturdays from 7.30 a. m to 4.00 p.m.

SMS Facility

The school keeps the parents informed of all important developments in school as well as any change in the everyday affairs of the school through SMS.

Conference Hall

A specially built hall with seats arranged in a semi circular design facilitates teachers and students to come together for an open discussion on a subject_ related or on a general topic.